• I enjoy international travel, fine dining and great wines. I’m very interested and always open to experiencing other cultures. Molecular gastronomy, genomics and DNA research are also among my passions. I have pursued my study of these fields in intensive MIT and Harvard courses.

  • Gardening. I take pride in growing my own veggie & flower garden. My father (who owns a vineyard) and my grandmother are the ones who inspired my “green thumb”.

  • Writing: I have published numerous blogs and articles and I am currently working on several books. 

  • Technology (keeping up with tech news and staying “connected” wherever I go).

  • Sports: sailing, swimming, diving, rock climbing, golf, skiing, tennis, horse riding; anything outdoors. I started ballet when I was 2 years old; then I pursued gymnastics for 7 years. I briefly worked as a gym trainer for a USA team.

  • Photography (both as a model and as a photographer).  

  • Cultural and artistic activities: theater, music, dance etc. In high school I was a part of the Ariel Youth Theatre Team (main theater company in my hometown). Since spring, 2011, I’ve been an active member in the Steering Committee of the "Arts and Culture Group" at State Street Bank. 

  • *I have CPR (Infant/Child/Adult) and First Aid Certification; I have been a certified Emergency Coordinator (at State Street) since 2003.

Denisa Dobrin

Dare to dream, don't dream to dare!